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A paradise of sun, sea and sand.

South Africa

A diverse and vibrant destination for all seasons.

Sao Tome

A hidden gem of luxury and nature.

United Kingdom

A land of history, culture and charm.


A country of endless possibilities and adventures.


A wonderland of natural beauty and friendly people.

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Visa Assistance & Facilitation
From streamlined processes to timely delivery, we are here to help.
Appointment Booking
Avoid stress and let's help you get your desired flight at your convenience.
Holiday Packages
Travel to your dream destinations by selecting from our handpicked offers.
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Visits, tourism and students' Visa or permits in Canada and USA

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Romantic getaways
From honeymoons to vacations, we know places you would love to visit.
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Shopping & fine dinning
Enjoy all there is to experience on your trips with us.
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Tourist attractions
Enjoy scenic views, safaris, guided tours and histories across tourist attractions.
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do everything in a week

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Will and Jen, Discover Europe Tour, June 19-26, 2022
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Your Caribbean
dream comes true

With our handpicked packages, you can jet out to beautiful white beaches with fantastic attractions all year round!
Luxurious suites on the beach
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One day ship cruise round the bay
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Scuba diving for ocean treasures
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FROM $320

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Matthew and Amanda, World Trip, May 05-17, 2022
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Let's help you get access
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Dennis and Julia, March 12-22, 2022
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Mark and Ann, September 04-16, 2022

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